Action Beat + GW Sok

Noise | No wave | The Ex (UK/NL)

Action Beat is an instrumental improvisation noise rock band from Bletchey, Engeland. For a gig the band is put together out of musicians who are available on that specific date. The band usually consists out of at least 4 guitarists, a bass player and 1 to 4 drummers.

This year G.W. Sok (ex The Ex) was asked by Action Beat as a guest-musician and this has led to an unique collaboration. G.W.Sok is best known as the frontman of the Ex, the most interesting Dutch underground band to derive from the punkscene in the late 70’s. In 2008 he left the band to focus on a solo career and has time for new projects such as Action Beat.

The  line-up of Action Beat may be a surprise, the musicians and  G.W. Sok will definitely overwhelm us with their performance.

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