Danny Devos

New installation

Danny Devos (DDV) is an influential Belgian artist, known for his performances and sculptural installations. The keynotes in his work are crime and murder. In the 80’s he started researching criminals and serial killers. Since then he upholds an intimate and far-reaching correspondence with a number of serial killers. Quite a lot of his work does relate to this research. In 1981 Danny Devos and Anne Mie van Kerckhoven started noiseband Club Moral. 

This research of years of existential borders has led to an impressive ouvre which corresponds with the theme of the Haperende Mens II: Danny Devos with his exhausting performances, installations about psychological terror and his profound industrial noise music is looking for confrontations with his audience and is trying to let them feel the borders of the power of endurance.

Danny Devos’ uncompromising work hasn’t been shown often in the Netherlands, and if so, only at small locations. Furthermore Danny Devos (B) will be dj Carl Cryplant on the Haperende Mens festival where he also presents a new work specially made for that day, in the Melkweg gallery.

Danny Devos was guest by Red Light Radio – hosted by Menno Grootveld. 

Red Light Radio

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