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About Haperende Mens

Haperende Mens is a Amsterdam based arts initiative which creates exhibitions, organizes concerts, develops research and instigates various projects in collaboration with artists, cultural organizations and creative partners.

Haperende Mens sees the fragility of life as a starting point and places coincidence, the unexpected and uncontrolled at a centre. These “haperingen” generate an incentive to grasp freedom and to reach over borders. Art isn’t being presented with cut-and-dried explanations, but as reactions to the subjectivity of daily existence.

Innovative developments in society derive from the actions, courage and risks from people at the frontiers of social conventions. These are the processes that can function as a germ for progression and change in both life and art and culture. Risk and non-conformism is characteristic to the artists and musicians presented by Haperende Mens.  The activities cause non-institutionalized art to find a place in the renowned arts circuit.  

Haperende Mens presents a mixture of fine arts, music, film, performances and lectures to combine disciplines and broaden artistic possibilities. The borders between art and music often diminishes because of the multidisciplinary working methods of the presented artists. Experiments and looking for boundaries in art is inherent to our vision on art.


HAPERENDE MENS, a initiative of curator Katja Vercouteren, bringing art, programming music and en presenting and supports artists and musicians.

The faus is the falter in life and to show the in al its facets. The story behind it is that we cannot completely direct and command our lives and that the essence of life is hidden in the moment that we lose control. Real change and progress is the reult of coincidence, from chaos.  Subliminal beauty befalls, and intense experiences of happines en sorrow are never forseen moments.

  • Katja Vercouteren – artistieke director
  • Bence Meijer – Assistant artistic leader
  • Marie Louise de Kock – Research, editor
  • Nathalie Houtermans – research, art curator
  • Hans Dirx – finance
  • Pim Peterse – research, editor, digital media
  • Jirka Matous – Research art & music
  • Menno Grootveld – project research, advice
  • John Jakobs – Curator music, promotion
  • Hay Schoolmeesters – advice, production


  • Carlos van Hijfte – chairman
  • Stacz Wilhelm – treasurer
  • Sven Sauër– secretary

Adviceboard Foundation Haperendemens

  • Ingejan Ligthard Schenk – artistiek leider en directeur Amsterdamse Bostheater
  • Jos Kley (GW Sok) – zanger, tekstschrijver en grafisch ontwerper, co-founder The Ex
  • Harry Heyink – directeur European Exchange Academy, beeldend kunstenaar

Support and/or advice

  • Hans den Hartog Jager
  • Bob Rusche
  • Erik van den Berg
  • Jelle Agema
  • Dick Verdult
  • Kim David Bots
  • Eva Nahon
  • Sjoerd Stolk
  • Vincent Koreman