Festival 2018

Oiseaux Tempête (FR)

Post-Rock, Ritualistic, Eastern, Psych (WORM Rotterdam January 12th)

Oiseaux Tempete is an experimental postrock band with psychedelic and ethnic influences hailing from Paris. With their latest album Al An! they collaborated with musicians from Beirut and created an instant underground classic full of oriental sounds and experimentation.
In OISEAUX-TEMPÊTE ([wazo-tɑ̃.pɛːt] – Storm Petrel), Frédéric D. Oberland and Stéphane Pigneul have chosen a name, a call from the sea, of almost totemic quality. First, perhaps, it offers the suggestion of journeys over great distance, the distant hymns of fortune-tellers and gravity defying acts of the oracles. Yet at the same time, comes the idea of earthly chaos, a willing reference to the telluric frenzy that darkens the sky yet also, paradoxically, brings promise of a radiant tomorrow.

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