Festival 2018

Pan Daijing (CN)

Electronic, Field Recordings, Industrial (WORM Rotterdam January 13th)

Chinese artist Pan Daijing lives in Berlin and is known for her incisive ritualistic experiments in music. Her live performances consist of theatrical performances with sounds inspired on the tribal industrial music of the 80’s, Tibetan music and field recordings of temples. Pan Daijing makes her audience go through a gripping catharsis of ecstasy and claustrophobia.

Perched on the cutting edge where Berlin’s music and art scenes blur into one another, Pan Daijing‘s music is steeped in dark noise and cinematic atmospherics, drifting into eerie drone and twisted beats. EP releases on Noisekölln and Bedouin Records have worked as enticing stepping stones towards the Chinese-born artists debut LP ‘Lack 惊蛰’, out on PAN in July 2017.

Culminating as the ‘finale’ to her improvisational live performances, the album also offers an insight to her future works. The process was intuitive and raw, born out of her previous explorations. Over the past 2 years, she has composed, recorded and edited different concerts and field recordings across Europe, China, and Canada, forming the basis of the record; ‘Lack 惊蛰’ was crafted from this long, painstaking mental and physical practice. The narrative of the album presents a perspective of the world as ‘the theatre of our minds’ – where Daijing sees the record as an ‘opera piece’ in its storytelling and drama.

Daijing’s pieces are created around a very intense and intimate mental catharsis, often expressed through a close physical interaction with strangers in her live sets which seek to engage them in a highly personal way. “When I was finalising this album, they didn’t feel like tracks to me anymore, but more like a psychoanalytical process,” she says. “I saw myself being this absurd, mad person ‘acting’ out the sounds… It’s rather physical, and became like a mindgame. All things came out naturally as part of me.”

Her purgative, often physical performances have recently pummelled the festival stages of CTM, Sonar, and Atonal, whilst also crafting sonic installations for exhibitions and live scored art performances and dance shows.

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