We are beyond excited to announce the first ever concert in The Netherlands (!) by legendary French band Heldon led by guitarist Richard Pinhas! HELDON (FR, Cuneiform Records) Progressive Electronic / Progressive Space Rock In 2019 HELDON is: Pinhas Richard, guitars and synths, Arthur Narcy, drums and synths,Florian Tatard, bass and synths.Already since the early seventies Heldon is one of the pinnacle French bands of electronic experimentation, cosmic soundscapes and the psychedelic prog-rock explosion. Richard Pinhas, having released dozens of albums both solo and with Heldon, is without a doubt one of the most important French underground musicians who kept true to his musical visions until today. His dreamlike guitar moves combined with modular synthesizer experimentation inspired by Robert Fripp and Brian Eno has given Heldon an important place in the historical development of electronic music, next to some of the most known Krautrock groups. Pinhas played with numerous important French musicians including members of Magma, Gilbert Artman (Lard Free/Urban Sax), Patrick Gauthier and many more. He was also student and friend of philosopher Gilles Deleuze who collaborated with Heldon in the 70’s. The musical themes of Pinhas vary from Deleuze’s rhizome theory to radical politics to science fiction creating a special musical universe of its own. On March 14th this unique concert will take place at OCCII Amsterdam which cannot be missed! Alongside Heldon there will be a support act: the duo of Dutch experimental music composer Gert-Jan Prins and Alan Courtis of Argentinian cult-band Reynols. Last but not least the night will be weaved together (+ afterparty) by underground surrealist DJ duo Octatanz (Oscar Der Winzige, ES  & Matas Aerobica, LT). We of Haperende Mens and OCCII hope to see you all there on March 14th to experience the true Électronique Guerrilla and make history! Presale: € 10,- (PayPal/Credit Card/iDeal/SePa). Venue is CASH only.
HELDON (FR, Richard Pinhas) + ANLA COURTIS (AR, Reynols) & GERT-JAN PRINS + OCTATANZ -DJ’s Oscar Der Winzige (ES) & Aerobia (LT)

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