Muslimgauze DJ-Project

During our Festival we will have a very special Muslimgauze DJ-Project. We aim to collectively pay tribute to the great influential music project Muslimgauze created by British musician Bryn Jones (June 17, 1961 – January 14, 1999). A broad spectrum of DJ’s will play a 1-hour set with music of Muslimgauze as well as music which they think is inspired by his work. With these different sets we get a variety of interpretations on the vast body of work created by Bryn Jones.

Participants and Timetable:

Friday 12 January:

19:00 – Bob Rusche (X-Rated – Concertzender Nederland)

20:00 – Guy Pinhas (Southern Lord Europe)

21:00 – DJ Liquid Soundclash

22:00 – Kevin Svartvit (the тide øf тhe εnd )

Saturday 13 January:

18:00 – DJ Empty Venue (Gonzo (circus)

19:00 – Pharoah Chromium

20:00 – Sascha Roth (Pantropical)

21:00 – Koen en Tess (Ex-Incubate)

22:00 – Sjoerd Stolk (OCCII Amsterdam/Occii Stu)

The music of Muslimgauze has played a pioneering role in the development of electronic music. By bringing together styles as diverse as industrial, ritual ambient, dance and techno as well as combining previously unheard sampling techniques, the use of ethnic sounds and unique electronic repititions the music of Muslimgauze stands out through time.

Bryn Jones recorded so much material that new releases are still published to this day. His unique blends of electronic music with controversial Islamic, Middle-Eastern and North-African influences make Muslimgauze an indispensable subject during Spider, Spit and Broken Bells.

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