Haperende Mens Occii special

Our October OCCII special with a weird and very haperende start – mixed up music, echo, etc. So better don t trust your ears first 20 minutes and check out all these bands live at Occii. Dates and tickets http://occii.org

Playlist Haperende Mens Red Light Radio #4 October 3 2016

King Champion Sounds Osorio 123 /To Awake in that heaven of freedom, 2016
Sudden Infant – Tandoori Chicken Scooter IV, / Wölfli’s Nightmare, 2014
OKKULTOKRATI – Hard to please, easy to Kill /Raspberry Dawn, 2016
Orphan Fairytale – Crybaby Needs A Hanky / Ladybird Labyrinth, 2009, Ultra Eczema
los siquicos litoraleños – Si, Si Si / Sonido Chipadelico 2013
Lydia Lunch with Thurston Moore – The Crumb / The Crumb EP 1987
Konstrukt with Peter Brötzmann) – Tepe / Dolunay 2011
Squadra Omega – Sepolto Dalle Sabbie Del Tempo / Altri Occhi Ci Guardano, 2015
Pardans – Under the Sun, Under your Dress / Heaven Treason Women, 2016
Salò Mentale – Grey’s Autonomy / Golden Twilight, 2014

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