HAPERENDE MENS SERIES #6 W/ The Body (US), Uniform (US) and Celestial Bodies (NL)

On May the 10th we return together with OCCII for another Haperende Mens night with THE BODY (US), UNIFORM (US) and Celestial Bodies (NL). It promises to be a night of deconstructive metal going into energetic noise experiments to relieve the disbelief we cherish for this insane world.

10th of May at OCCII AMSTERDAM, Amstelveenseweg 134. Doors open: 20:30 Tickets: 8,- Check out the event here: http://occii.org/events/haperende-mens-5/







Featuring members of nightmare creators and main Dutch black metal outfit Nihill and free-jazz giants Dead Neanderthals, Celestial Bodies’ ecstatic meditations on chaos communicate the aggression of black metal’s essence and intent, but through the free-form, shattered lens of noise, power electronics and avant-garde music. Influenced by first wave black metal, dark ambient and the chaotic and violent harsh noise action of the late 90’s, Celestial Bodies channel a rage of anti-cosmic satanism hell bent on destroying your conceptions of reality. Celestial Bodies’ debut album “Spit Forth From Chaos’ is simultaneously being released on Cd by Italian cult label I, Voidhanger Records and on vinyl by Roadburn related Burning World Records.

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