Haperende Mens vs. OCCII #6.25

After the summer on Monday the 4th of September we return with an eclectic night of bands to celebrate OCCII’s 25th birthday! Amongs others experimental arab sounds, Italian improv, Belgian ritualistic home-taping and Dutch experimental music.

Jooklo Duo & Riccardo Sinigaglia (IT)

Jooklo Duo (Virginia Genta and David Vanzan) meet Riccardo Sinigaglia (founder of legendary Futuro Antico and Correnti Magnetiche and creator of the Legendary album Riflessi from 1986)

electro-acoustic, abstract minimal kind of vibe…. synths, flutes, organs…

new LP on Aguirre OUT SOOON

Ōgon Batto (BE)

Antwerp resident Bent Von Bent and co-runner of the Hare akedod label, Limited Edition Cassettes and Electro-Acoustic Improvisation Rituals.

new LP on Aguirre records OUT SOOON!

Songs About The Business

This 7” is made by powertrio Freek Lomme (word), Joan van Barneveld (guitar) en Gert-Jan Prins (drums).

Label: de Player, Rotterdam, NL.



The Dwarfs Of East Agouza is a trio from Cairo formed in 2012 by MAURICE LOUCA (Alif, Bikya) on keyboards/electronics, SAM SHALABI (Land of Kush, Shalabi Effect) on electric guitar/synth and ALAN BISHOP (guitar/saxophone/vocals) of Sublime Frequencies & Sun City Girls fame.

The group utilizes improvisation to propel their unique and hypnotic musical vision. In 2016 debut album Bes was released on Nawa Recordings followed by a EU Tour including performances at CTM Festival, Clandestino Festival, Jazz Jantar Festival, Le Guess Who? and Unsound Festival amongst others.

More information here: http://www.disk-agency.de/artist-booking/the-dwarfs-of-east-agouza/

Deel dit met meer haperende mensen!