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Spider, Spit and Broken Bells is getting closer and closer! To ensure your entry buy your tickets following these links below (scroll down!):

PART 1: OCCII, Amsterdam; 8-9 december 2017

PART 2: WORM/V2_ Rotterdam; January 12, 13 and 14, 2018


friday 12 january

Senyawa feat. Patshiva Cie (ID/FR) (curated by Pantropical),

Oiseaux-Tempête (FR)

Bear Bones, Lay Low (BE/VE)

Simon Crab (Bourbonese Qualk, UK)

Pharoah Chromium (DE/Pal)

David Edren/ DSR lines (BE)

saturday 13 january

JK Flesh (UK)

Skullflower (UK)

Pan Daijing (CN)

Nocturnal Emissions (UK)

Lumisokea (BE/IT)

Alessandro Adriani (Mannequin Records, IT/DE)
Tomaga (UK) performing a soundtrack to ‘Lucifer Rising’ by kenneth anger

The Ghost of Bryn Jones – Muslimgauze DJ Project

Danny Devos (Club Moral, BE, Masterclass)


Elusive Art Programme

(More to be announced)

WORM – Day ticket Friday 12 January – à 15 euro

WORM – Day ticket Saturday 13 January – à 15 euro

4-day festival pass – à 25 euro

4-day festival pass GOLD – à 100 euro

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We really hope to see you at the festival!

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