Deel dit met meer haperende mensen!

10 januari 2018

SSBB Timetable and Programme Booklet

Here is a first timetable of the festival! A Booklet with information will follow. timetable_ssbb programme_booklet_ssbb

10 januari 2018

Muslimgauze DJ-Project

During our Festival we will have a very special Muslimgauze DJ-Project. We aim to collectively pay tribute to the great lees meer

5 januari 2018

Academy of The Sacred

On Saturday 13 January between 13:00 – 16:35 at WORM Rotterdam you can join the Academy of the Sacred, where lees meer

5 januari 2018

Film Programme

During Spider, Spit and Broken Bells there will be an extensive film programme.Amongst the titles, we are very proud to lees meer

15 december 2017

Spider, Spit and Broken Bells => Red Light Radio Special

To give you an idea of the acts playing the festival we did a Red Light Radio special with an lees meer

22 november 2017

Tickets! Tickets! Tickets!

Spider, Spit and Broken Bells is getting closer and closer! To ensure your entry buy your tickets following these links lees meer

12 november 2017

Masterclass Danny Devos at Spider, Spit and Broken Bells

Spider, Spit and Broken Bells invites you to an intense and in-depth course in performance art by the legendary Belgian lees meer

22 juli 2017

Haperende Mens vs. OCCII #6.25

After the summer on Monday the 4th of September we return with an eclectic night of bands to celebrate OCCII’s lees meer

4 mei 2017

HAPERENDE MENS SERIES #6 W/ The Body (US), Uniform (US) and Celestial Bodies (NL)

On May the 10th we return together with OCCII for another Haperende Mens night with THE BODY (US), UNIFORM (US) lees meer

4 oktober 2016

Haperende Mens Occii special

Our October OCCII special with a weird and very haperende start – mixed up music, echo, etc. So better don lees meer

14 september 2016

Haperende mens @redlightradio Incubate special

Red Light Radio Haperende Mens – 5-9-2016 Incubate special Orphax – Ochtendgloren Boven De IJzige Vlakte – De Tragedie Van lees meer

2 september 2016

Wrong Time Capsule. Film van Martha Colburn

Wrong Time Capsule by Deerhoof. Film by Martha Colburn from Martha Colburn on Vimeo.

30 augustus 2016

Red Light Radio

RedLightRadio Haperende Mens – 22-8-2016Rogier van Otterloo – Turks Fruit, theme song – (1973)Holy Fuck – Choppers – LP (2007)Chris lees meer

17 mei 2016


For the fourth time Haperende Mens teams up with OCCII for an alien and pitchdarkly obscure double bill of sound lees meer